How fast does your hair grow? New tool can help

Haven’t updated here in a while, but since the whole point is talking about growing your hair long, I wanted to share this great new tool I found on Pinterest with everyone. It’s a free hair growth calculator tool – check it out here – no idea if it’s accurate and the site says it’s just for fun, but it really is pretty cool.

It’s easy to use, just put in how long your hair is now, then how long you’d like it grow. It will then calculate the amount of time it will take for your hair to get that long right down to the day!  It’s made by Hair Formula 37, but it’s not specifically for that product, just for anyone wanting to know how long it would take to grow their hair to a certain point. I saw the link on Pinterest originally (I check out a lot of long hair boards that people have made over there) – and it turns out the thing has over 3000 repins.

I suppose you could calculate how fast your hair grows  yourself with a spreadsheet or something, but this seems a lot easier. Anyway just a fun little thing to bookmark and share around. Enjoy!

Fast Black Hair Growth Oil

Brand new product from Exotic Allure is the Fast Black Hair Growth Oil. It has a potent blend of all natural ingredients including botanicals, pure oils, and vitamins for healthy hair growth. Black hair care has never had such a great all natural hair growth oil. Use twice a day for the best results. Non greasy formula absorbs into your scalp and hair for the best hair health while giving your hair a great shine.

Grow Long Hair

Proteins and vitamins are the keys to grow long hair. Without the right balance your hair will be weak and dull, starved for the nutrients you may not be getting from your normal diet. Your hair style routing could be further damaging your hair from harsh chemicals or excessive styling.

Vitamins to grow hair longer faster help break this damaged hair cycle. Split ends and dull hair will be a thing of the past once you find a hair vitamin that gives your hair the exact forumlation of vitamins and proteins it needs to grow long hair. Because you’re hair will be packed with nutrients you should also notice faster hair growth.

Need a fast recovery from a bad short haircut? Tired of dry, dull hair? Your body needs the essential ingredients found in hair vitamins to promote fast, healthy hair growth. Grow your hair longer, faster with the perfect balance of vitamins to fight dry, damaged hair.

Grow Longer Hair

There are several contributing factors on how to grow long hair. The first key to growing long hair is nutrition. Diet is an important part of hair growth. Most often you are not getting the best vitamins for hair growth from your diet alone. You may even have a vitamin deficiency that is causing your hair to not grow as fast as it could. The best part of your diet that would affect long hair growth would be cutting down on processed sugars and carbs. Fruits, green vegetables and protein is the way to go. Lean protein would be an even better option from pork, fish, or chicken.

Hair Vitamins make up for the vitamins and nutrients you may not be getting from your diet, or that your body doesn’t make enough of. The best hair vitamins are nutrient, amino acid, and protein packed in the precise values to ensure your body can grow longer hair. Hair vitamins should give plenty of protein to help hair grow longer, stronger; protein being the key part of hair itself.

Vitamins for long hair

Biotin is a key ingredient in vitamins for long hair. Biotin helps build stronger, healthier hair and protects hair by reducing breakage. The best vitamins for long hair contain the best ingredients to help hair grow longer. Vitamins for long hair contain the natural ingredients needed for healthy hair growth and proteins for stronger hair.

Hair Vitamin Reviews

Hair vitamin reviews are always important when selecting which healthy hair vitamin you should take. There are a lot of products out there, if you look and see what customers are saying about those products you will likely find the best hair vitamin you need to grow longer hair. Most hair vitamin reviews are quick one line praises. Hair vitamins do not work over night, the best hair vitamin reviews are from users who have used the healthy hair vitamins over the course of several months.

Make hair grow longer secrets

Everyone has their own secrets on how to make hair grow longer. We cover some of those closely guarded secrets. What may seem like common hair care to someone may be a total secret to someone else. We shed the light on six steps to longer, more beautiful hair.

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